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I like to make things, get over excited about spreadsheets, enjoy maths and get bored easily all of which explains why I love teaching.


2 Year GCSE

Two year GCSE update

I did a session at the GCSE resits conference about the 2 year GCSE.

I was going to write it up as a blog post (and still might) but today is not a work day and the sun is shining so I’m making pancakes for breakfast and taking the dogs out to the Peak district instead! Continue reading “Two year GCSE update”

3 months in to teaching the 2 year GCSE course

We’ve just done the first assessment of how the 2 year GCSE students are getting on. I have so much I want to blog about, it turns out designing a course from scratch is wonderfully liberating, absolutely terrifying and really hard work!
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