A level Core resources


We’ve taught radians as the first AS topic this year, so I’ve made lots of resources about getting used to using radians. There is a blog post here if you’re interested.

Angle dominoes – Basic angle facts in degrees on a set of dominoes.

Circle Theorems foldable (2) – Really should take a here’s one I did earlier picture of this but it’s printed double sided, cut along the dashed lines then fold along the other lines. Not sure if it’s our printers being a bit rubbish but it wouldn’t quite line up right, not enough to be a big problem but enough to annoy me! There’s diagrams inside the doors to help remember what the circle theorem is and then a question in radians.

review questions – review of angle facts in radians

Radians slides – pretty basic slides which go through radians with some diagnostic Qs

radians arc and area matching – Basic questions on arcs and area that form a loop. (Some Qs are the same as the connect 4)

Arc  and area Connect 4 – Quite a few Qs are the same as the matching above as I didn’t want to do 2 sets of matching cards and I like the other one better. There is a not particularly well formatted sheet to go with it that students write their solutions on here and worked solutions are on the slides.

radians-area-matching-cards – A set of loop cards on area of different shapes with some working backwards and irregular shapes. They get harder as you go through and the last one has no answer. Worked solutions are on the slides.



Discriminant Quadratics to cut up and sort into 3 piles depending on the number of real roots. At the end the letters on each set of cards makes a word related to the topic.

Quadratic inequalities – The first sheet is a worksheet that all students get. The second page is all of the steps for the first 4 split up for students who need a bit of help. Then the third page has the final steps together so that it’s easier. I printed them on different colours and had the cards available to students if the wanted to use them but said everyone should atleast try first.

Curve sketching

Transformations of curves foldable – Until I can work out how to upload pdfs you’ll have to email if you want an editable version sorry.

Simultaneous equations

simultaneous equations race – 8 questions starting with linear equations and going up to one quadratic one linear, the answers are on my desk at work but will try and remember to post them soon.


Recurrence raceAnswers to recurrence race Thank you to Sharon for the answers.


Questions as a socrative activity  – I made a set of questions to use as a socrative activity


Find the tangent matching cards commentary – A way to try and get students to write some helpful notes about the method needed to find tangents and normals.


algebra race – covers surds and quadratics, no answers sorry.

4 in a row with numbers – A C1 4 in a row game for EDEXCEL. Students are split into 2 teams and given different coloured post it notes to put their answers on.

C2 -Revision power hour – Made for EDEXCEL

As always feel free to use and adapt these resources in your teaching, share them with other teachers. I make resources in my own time and share them for free. I always like to hear about how you get on and will probably have made at least a few daft mistakes so please do get in touch on twitter @MsSteel_Maths or email Ms.Steel.13@googlemail.com