A level Statistics resources

I teach EDEXCEL at the minute so not everything is relevant to all boards, if you teach another board and adapt anything it would be great to have a copy to put up if you don’t mind. I know when I taught MEI the lack of resources was frustrating.

Measures of location and spread

location and spread – A mind map of everything needed for averages, standard deviation and skewness. I used it for revision where students had to try and fill in all of the facts and formulas.


S1 probability Fortune teller – formulas and notation to fill in


S1 revision – Diagnostic questions revising stats, I’ve made it into a kahoot which went down really well. If you want to use it I think this link works.

S1 -Revision power hourS1 -Revision power hour answers – A quick word of warning read the coding question carefully, I didn’t so my answer is wrong!

As always feel free to use and adapt these resources in your teaching, share them with other teachers. I make resources in my own time and share them for free. I always like to hear about how you get on and will probably have made at least a few daft mistakes so please do get in touch on twitter @MsSteel_Maths or email Ms.Steel.13@googlemail.com