Mock exam reflections: I’m in the process of setting up google classrooms but in the meantime I’ve started using google sheets to help students reflect on their mock exams, you can see it here

Revision Quiz A weekly quiz with different rounds and a leader board

GCSE revision quiz – 1 GCSE revision quiz – 1 Leader board

Revision clocks/Power hour

The idea has been widely shared on twitter and Jo Morgan has collect a lot together here. It’s worked well with my GCSE classes so I’ve made a few

GCSE Calc power hour 1GCSE Calc power hour 2 – Based on predictions for the EDEXCEL paper for students aiming for a C

GCSE Calc power hour 1 – B+ –  2 versions based on predictions for the EDEXCEL paper for students aiming for a B.

Power hour template – To make your own

Breakfast revision– We do breakfast revision before exams, the wonderful people at the real junk food project gave us yogurts, bread for toast and jam which makes sure that the students go into the exam well fed and feeling looked after. I made a sheet of 10 questions that are straight forward to help settle the students and get their brains working. 11-20 are for the ones who are super quick or get there extra early. top 20 – Non calc

GCSE christmaths quiz & christmaths quiz answer sheet – A bit of fun for the last week of term

As always feel free to use and adapt these resources in your teaching, share them with other teachers. I make resources in my own time and share them for free. I always like to hear about how you get on and will probably have made at least a few daft mistakes so please do get in touch on twitter @MsSteel_Maths or email