Algebra resources

Equations and inequalities

Equations Hangman – A fairly quick activity practicing solving simple linear equations.

Linear equations odd one out – A fairly short activity to practice solving linear equations. My answers are given but there’s other possibilities.

simultaneous equations race

inequalities foldable – I made this in publisher which wordpress doesn’t seem to like to had to upload a pdf, will happily send the original though.


GCSE Sequences Race – I put students into groups and then they compete against each other to either get to the end of the race or as far as they can in a set time. Questions get harder as they go through to keep teams closer together. No answers yet but I’ll dig them out or write some eventually.


y=mx+c foldable – I’ll find a picture of a here’s one I made earlier version soon so this makes more sense!


As always feel free to use and adapt these resources in your teaching, share them with other teachers. I make resources in my own time and share them for free. I always like to hear about how you get on and will probably have made at least a few daft mistakes so please do get in touch on twitter @MsSteel_Maths or email