A place for foldables that I’ve made. There is a blog post here about them. They are also in the relevant topic areas but I thought they might be useful as templates irrespective of topic. Playing around to get thing set up took me a while the first time but then I got loads quicker. I’ve left what I used them for in to show how they look but it should be easy enough to edit them. Word press won’t let me upload publisher files so I’ve had to try and change them across, if anything doesn’t quite line up right let me know.

I use dashed lines for anything that needs to be cut and standard lines for folds.

4 section flip book

6 section flip book

5 tabs in a single column

6 tabs in a single column

2 tabs one side 3 the other

4 tabs one side 2 the other

Fortune teller or snap dragon or cutie catcher they have lots of names!

As always feel free to use and adapt these resources in your teaching, share them with other teachers. I make resources in my own time and share them for free. I always like to hear about how you get on and will probably have made at least a few daft mistakes so please do get in touch on twitter @MsSteel_Maths or email Ms.Steel.13@googlemail.com