My Gran has always been a letter writer and would often get results (ok mostly the results were free tickets to the cinema in St Helens but that was pretty useful, I don’t think I ever paid to see a film). She is a very proactive lady who would decide what she wanted and then just make it happen. I had half an hour spare on the bus yesterday so wrote a letter to my MP about the changes to the maths GCSE. It was quite a rant and actually nice to articulate some of the things that are worrying me. I toned it back a little but I’m pretty sure I’m preaching to the converted. My MP is Paul Blomfield who often speaks about education and seems to be raising the right kind of issues already.  I don’t know whether I’m worried that those in charge of education don’t understand the impact of the changes or worse that this is exactly what they want. Optimistically I’m hoping it’s the first one so the more it’s talked about the better.

I’m not sure how useful it is but figure it only took a bus journey that I would otherwise have daydreamed away.

If you’re interested the letter is here

If you want to write to your MP it’s very easy using this website