This is going to be pretty short as I’m supposed to be knocking out fireplaces and stripping wallpaper but I’m feeling quite positive and enthusiastic.

A few weeks ago I wrote to my MP Paul Blomfield about the changes to the maths GCSE and my worried about the effects it will have. (If you’re interested the letter is here). I not only got a response he asked me to meet him to talk about it further. Talking about maths education is always one of my favourite things so that’s what I’ve been doing this morning.

He was really interested in hearing about the changes and had a fairly good understanding of the funding problems facing colleges but wasn’t as aware of the change to the grading system and content for the new GCSE.  During the discussion he asked questions and talked about what could be done to help and the sort of questions that could be asked to help find out more useful information. He talked about the possibility of raising questions during question time so I said I would have a think and email some. If you’ve got suggestions let me know.