Work life balance

I struggle with what it means to have a work life balance. Lately balance has meant lots of work and lots of life things. I’ve been to gigs on schools nights, knitted things, made origami things, organised a maths teach meet and probably not slept enough. It’s meant I haven’t updated this site, blogged about things or really engaged with much on twitter.

Over the next few weeks though I’m going to have to be at home a lot more because I have two very sad dogs who need supervision, an explanation of what they did is below.  Because I teach evening classes and work part time I can take some time back during the day so I’m coming home early when I can and going in late othertimes. It feels very strange and I’m ending up just bringing a whole load of work home with me but in some ways it is nice and makes me focus different things. Finishing off the teachmeet admin while sat on the sofa in front of the fire with the dogs sleeping on me was much nicer than doing it at work. I’ve got a few blogs running around in my head particularly one about the teachmeet so maybe some of them will actually make their way on to the site. There’s also plenty of resources to put up and a whole foldables site I wanted to make but might actually just turn into a section on here to make it quicker.

For anyone interested in the dogs Sprocket was hit by a car (she ran out of the park and we have no idea why) so had to have a knee operation and supposed to be resting but despite some pretty horrid scars and a knee double the size of normal she wants to get up and play. Mr H is less serious we were running in the woods on Sunday with him on the bungee line and a friendly looking dog who was off lead came to say hello so we slowed down and it went for him. He’s half podenco which is a Spanish sighthound and has really thin fur so now has a nasty tear on his side which he wants to lick. Cones of shame don’t work very well for sighthounds as they are so bendy so instead he’s got to wear a pair of pyjamas.

This is Mr H showing off the super stylish pyjamas I made him and that he can fit his whole back foot in his mouth!

Mr H