Trying out Google Classroom

We are all set up as a google school now so over the next 2 weeks I’m trialling google classrooms with our AS students. Maths is still modular so they’ve just finished their exams and we’re looking at things to help them prepare for next year. My aim is to try out as many of the features of google classroom and google apps for education as a whole. If all goes well we’ll be using classroom with all of the maths students next year and might get a few other departments on board. I’ve put my ideas for what we’re going to do over the next couple of weeks below.

As I try things out I’ll update with links to the post about that section and will share some of the resources for anyone who might be interested. My plan is to try and make this into something that I can share with other staff at college who are interested in trying out google drive so feedback is appreciated. If you’ve got ideas and suggestions I’d love to hear them, I’m on twitter @MsSteel_Maths or email

I’ve found Alice Keelers blog and book incredibly helpful for ideas you should definitely read it if you are thinking about trying out classrooms or google apps for education in general.

Week 1

Introduction and set up

  • Introduce yourself in the comments
  • Announcement reminding students to fill in the maths evaluation form
  • A question about which applied module students think they want to do next year
  • A doc with a profile to collect information about students other subjects and career plans done as an assignment so that they submit it and we can give feedback

Vectors (revision of GCSE ready for A2)

  • Announcements with links to some mymaths lessons to complete
  • Revision notes and example questions done collaboratively in slides
  • End of topic assessment using forms

Week 2

Tasters for D1 and S2

  • Choose from 2 possible assignments (either D1 or S2)

Student Evaluation

  • Updating the student profiles to include their choices
  • Collaborative spreadsheet for discussing things that went well and areas for improvement

Teacher evaluation

  • How it went
  • Next steps
  • Guest post from Sharon (hopefully!)