Google classroom – Vectors

It’s always tricky to decide what to do at the end of the year with AS students after their exams. This year we’re going for a bit of GCSE revision in preparation for A2 and a quick look at some of the applied options. For the review of vectors we’re using a few things from Google Apps for Education. A bit like the getting started post I’ve written my plans and what actually happened.

The plan The reality!
Notes slides with links to mymaths

Vectors notes

In theory this is revision and I wanted something students could get on with independently while I sorted out problems logging in. I made some slides that gave links to mymaths and then spaces which students should fill in to make a set of notes.

My maths isn’t my favourite thing but this does the job for now.

 You can’t use equation editor in slides so I should have used docs but by the time I realised this I’d already got it all looking nice and didn’t have time to change it.
Some of the students used other online resources which they liked better and I think I’d prefer to have it as something where they are either given something very specific with related questions or more general with a few suggested links.

Not all student handed in their notes as you can see but while they were working I was checking that they were doing ok and all student had got a decent set of notes.

Example questions done collaboratively in slides

vectors examples

Students are put in pairs and given a question that they need to provide hints and a model solutions for. They edit their individual slide so that once they are all done everyone has a good set of notes. The collaborative revision notes worked well with my class. Some drew things on the slides others did it on paper or whiteboards and took pictures. Someone described it as a scrapbook which I liked. Being able to get it on their phones as well makes it a really useful revision resource.

Again not many student handed this one in so that it said they were done and I’m not quite sure whether that mattered. I need to understand handing in collaborative projects better I think. You can see a copy of the notes my class made here

End of topic assessment using forms

Questions similar to the ones from the revision notes with multiple choice answers that then take you to either the next question or worked solutions followed by another question. The students have been bugging us to do more kahoots so this turned into a kahoot instead as I didn’t have a lot of time to set anything up properly and Ruth volunteered to write some multiple choice questions which we could use.

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