Feedback sheets an update

A while ago I posted about helping students reflect on mock exams and learn from their mistakes. The original post is here . This year it’s all had an update as we’re using Google Classroom which makes it all much easier.

For our AS Mock I used a Google sheet so could just use the super useful make a copy for each student in classroom. The sheet itself isn’t all that pretty but it works well enough. You can see an example below. A copy is here for you to play with. Being able to see the percentages for different areas was interesting and I like to see the column with got it (100% and happy with it), oops (daft mistake that can be fixed) or hard (needs work). There’s also a teachers version here so as I’m writing the comments I just copy their results column in to get a whole class picture.


I stopped using extra tabs on the spreadsheet for the solutions and feedback as it’s a bit clunky. Instead I put it all into a slide deck. As I was marking papers I took pictures of good examples and common mistakes. I deliberately didn’t put on names but in the lessons students liked seeing their own work on there and some claimed their mistakes.  You can have a look here


I’ve got a few other other versions for AS and GCSE that I’ll put in a folder here when I get a chance. If there is one you’re looking for let me know and I can check if I’ve got it. Otherwise they are set up to be pretty easy to change for other papers.