I like to know how students are feeling about topics, there’s usually a few points during lesson where I’ll get students to do either whiteboard or thumbs up/down so I can get an idea of where they are all up to. It works well enough but there’s usually a bit of looking around and wanting to be the same as others. As there’s now often chromebooks or tablets out in the lesson anyway I’ve been getting students to do a quick exit ticket in Google Forms.  It’s really easy to do and working well.


This is what the form looks like (I’m pretty sure I could word things better but it’ll do for now). I have a form per class and keep using the same one so it all goes to the same sheet. ‘Question of the day’ has mostly been about mock exams lately so asking about what prep they’ve done and then how it went (before I’d had a chance to mark it). When half the class was off I asked for an interesting fact about yourself, mostly I got languages spoken and instruments they play.

The responses have been interesting at the end of the lesson I have a quick look, sometimes put a comment on for a couple of students and check about whether anything needs picking up on. Over time I’ll have lots of information, to be honest I’m not sure whether that will actually be useful, it might be but it’s the immediate effect I like.
The way I see it technology should either make my life easier or better. It’s not hugely life changing I’m still using whiteboard and thumbs up/down throughout the lesson to be instant feedback but it’s a nice extra to have.